Knox Beer Snobs

Starr Hill Brewery | Resinate Imperial Red IPA

Howdy beer friends,

These dog days of summer aren’t so bad with mild weather and incredibly cool evenings. Makes the pumpkin beers on the shelf not seem so intrusive….or not. Regardless of the weather a red IPA always hits the spot and that’s what we have on deck from Starr Hill Brewery – Resinate Imperial Red IPA.

The name of this beer doesn’t disappoint, the first thing I find on the nose is a one-two hoppy resin punch. There’s a slight malt sweetness to be found as well but the hops certainly take center stage. Visually this beer is a deep amber color with a moderate head that hangs on very well. The beer is clear but the dark red hue makes it challenging to see through. On the tongue the resin comes through first with a great citrus symphony backed up by some sweet bread crust-like malt sweetness. The beer coats the palate well leaving a mild bitterness across the tongue.

Final snobs: While it may not technically be fall yet, this is a great beer for these cool nights. I’d pair this with pulled pork, ribs, brisket, burgers – anything coming off the grill or smoker with a slight spice pop. At 7.7% this is a bit of a bigger beer but it’ll stand up well to these pairings. If IPAs are your jam, you should give this one a shot.