Knox Beer Snobs

Balter Beerworks | Bear Blend

Howdy beer friends!

It’s September and college football has officially kicked off. We’re headed into a wonderful time of the year full of fun weekends, cookouts and, of course, awesome beer. As the evenings are cooling off, some darker beers certainly fit the mood. On deck today we have the Bear Blend Oatmeal Porter from Balter Beerworks. While I enjoy a lot of the beer at Balter Beerworks I always find myself coming back to this one as it is both memorable and enjoyable. Before we jump into the review though, a quick plug for Balter Beerworks; If you haven’t been, or if you are exploring the area, I would encourage you to go check this place out. While you may go for the beer – as you should – the food is excellent. I highly recommend the chicken sliders. Further, they do a great job with my youngest’s food allergies making Balter Beerworks a win-win for this family man. Back to the beer.

This is a coffee oatmeal porter that gets it’s coffee characteristics from Three Bears Coffee Company right here in Knoxville. Coffee was the first thing I smelled when I opened the crowler and the aroma continued as I poured the beer. I’m also finding some sweet malt aromatic notes and a slight bit of caramel. This beer pours a deep brown with some awesome ruby highlights. The head pours big and full initially with a slight shade of tan. It hangs on very well – I’d mark it as a solid moderate head overall. On the tongue I find a gentle but sweet coffee note, caramel and some roast characteristics from the malt. The body of this beer could be considered moderately low but appropriate for a porter. The addition of oatmeal adds some silkiness to the body as well.

Final snobs: This is a wonderful beer that isn’t just brewed here it also uses local coffee. It certainly says “Knoxville” loud and clear. It’s flavorful and not heavy. It’d pair well with a burger, BBQ or a nice chocolate cake. Wonderful flavor, wonderful aroma. I’m proud of this one and I hope you will be too.


Glass by Pretentious Glass Co –Malty