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Abridged Beer Company | Two Tun Breakfast

If you haven’t been to Abridged Beer Company yet, make plans. Abridged has a very laid back, almost west coast, feel with a dash of southern charm. This is a place where you can take your dog, your kids, your friends, your friends kids and feel right at home. There’s ample seating both inside and outside and shoot, make an evening of it – we certainly have more than once. To the point our kids ask us to go back. Their food menu, while limited, is nothing short of awesome. Get the nachos. Thank me later. We may have to cover the food in another post or, perhaps with the Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine but for now we have a beer we’d like to talk about.

So, the beer. While Abridged has quite the selection, there was one beer in particular that caught my eye when I was there with the family the other night; Two Tun Breakfast Stout. This beer technically falls in the imperial category but just barely. This means we can find all the fun flavor of an imperial without the higher alcohol of the high side of the category. Translation: we can have more than one! I’m a sucker for this style – perhaps because it’s my wife’s favorite style and she’s brainwashed me but alas, here I am with a growler. Well, half a growler, my wife took the other half.

This beer pours dark with a wonderful tan head. I poured this beer hard and got an incredible bouquet of aromatics – chocolate, coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. On the tongue these same aromatic qualities carry through. The chocolate presents itself first and the cinnamon rounds out the sip. The vanilla is a little hard to find but it’s there interlaced with the chocolate and it stand alone for just a second before the cinnamon comes through with a punch at the end. The body of this beer is very silky and while it coats the mouth well, it lingers in the center of the tongue after the sip. At 7.8% ABV this is very drinkable and does not present any alcohol notes on either the aroma or the tongue.

Final snobs: WOW! What a wonderful beer. This is a great beer for this cooler evenings. While I’d consider pairing this beer with a dark roasted meat, desserts would be a slam dunk. I’m thinking about a chocolate lava cake or a warm brownie and vanilla ice cream. To the team at Abridged, well done! We’ll be back for more!


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