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Next Level Brewing Company | Big Boi Map

Not too long ago the Mrs and I got what’s called, “a date night.” When I was younger I had a better sense of what this meant. Simple things like how to clean up, to wash the car, and dress up a little. Now, for those of us with little ones, it’s more about just getting out of the house and enjoying a meal where you don’t have to escort someone to the bathroom and you get the privilege of speaking in complete sentences to your partner. Judging purely by those last two variables, date night was a success.

We were also able to swing by Next Level Brewing Company for the first time. While I had seen the place “in progress” it was truly awesome to see it all put together. The team has done an outstanding job of taking a very blank – and very dirty – canvas and turning it into a truly beautiful spot with great ambiance and awesome beer to boot! It’s so neat see this dream become a reality. Well done!

While I was there I grabbed a crowler of Big Boi Map, a New England style IPA clocking in at 6.7% ABV. I was able to sample a lot of what was on draft that night and this one stood out to me. Let’s jump in.

This beer pours a cloudy yellow with a big white, soft, pillow-like head. Citrus takes center stage with this beer. There’s also another fruity aroma – stone fruit perhaps. Might be Mosaic hops – not sure. On the palate this beer pops with hoppy assertiveness – the citrus is strong, I find pine and some earthy qualities. I am struck with how well this beer fills the palate and while it is aggressive in some respects, it’s not off putting in any way. While the mouthfeel itself is still soft, it coats the palate well, presents a nice hop bitterness but it doesn’t totally take over.

Final snobs: Wow. At first bat the team at Next Level is making solid contact with the ball and sent it over the fence. This is an excellent beer and I’m sure it’s just one of many more to come from these guys.