2014 Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza

27 February 2014 by , No Comments

Alright brew fans, the days seem to be getting warmer, well almost, and spring is hopefully around the corner from us.  It is time for all of us to prepare ourselves for the influx of beer festivals coming to a town near you.  It is always a hard decision for me to figure out which […]

Kingsport Oktoberfest | September 28th, 2013

22 September 2013 by , No Comments

Holy cow!! Is summer really on it’s way out?  Man this year is just flying by but don’t dismay brew lovers because when fall arrives so do the beer festivals.  There are so many to choose from within 2 hours of Knoxville but one in particular I look forward to since inception in 2011 and […]

Gunslinger DIPA by Crown Valley Brewing

21 June 2013 by , No Comments

Well fellow snobs, the circle of life dictates that we all get old and eventually return to the earth from where we came.  This ol snob is hitting the 43 mark and with that the realization that it sure is a hell of allot harder to keep the pounds off.  So I have made a […]

Lagunitas Lucky 13 from our good friends at Corks

10 June 2013 by , No Comments

Hello brew fans.  I have to say I was not going to have a beer tonight but the day was a typical rough Monday so here you go.  We recently took a look at the new Wine/Liquor/High Gravity Beer store in Turkey Creek called Corks and I felt lucky to find this beauty there.  I […]

Strubbe IPA | Picked up from Corks Wine & Spirits

22 May 2013 by , No Comments

Hey fellow snobs out there.  I just left Corks and am now enjoying an IPA that hails from the folks at Brouwerij Strubbe Brewery in, you guessed it, Belgium.  Apparently this brewery has been around since the 1800’s.  Pretty cool if you ask me and one I would love to visit one day.  Check out […]

Thirsty Orange for thirsty drinkers. April 13th @ Mellow Mushroom in Johnson City

25 March 2013 by , No Comments

Well it is that time again when Aaron Carson unleashes his ridiculous amounts of energy (much like my 4 year old) and creates the coolest craft beer festival in Johnson City.  For the second year in a row Mr. Carson has collected the finest craft beer brewers and brought them to the Mellow Mushroom in […]

Saw Works Brewing Company Spring Seasonal | Hop Battle

1 March 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy ho brew fans.  Man it has been ages since I fired up the old computer and got to typing.  Feels good.  Well Mr. Dave Ohmer has been hard at work again brewing up tastiness for our good city.  He has come up with a nice heavy dry hopped seasonal  just in time for the nice […]

Smoky Mountain Brewery Harvest Fest | Hanging with the Velas

20 September 2012 by , 1 Comment

Well, since it is fantastic out side I have the windows open and I am now enjoying a glass of Marty Velas’ Märzen style brew – Harvest Fest.  You can trace the Märzen style to its origins in Bavaria to sometime before the 16th century.  A Bavarian brewing ordinance decreed in 1539 that beer may only be […]