Highland Brewing Wolfgang 1756 Symphony Lager

17 February 2015 by , 2 Comments

Pretty neat connection with beer and the Asheville Amedeus Festival. We haven’t had a chance to try the beer yet but it’s definitely worth a round. Especially if you’re in AVL for the festival. Props to Highland for looking for different ways to celebrate both culture and beer. Hopefully we’ll see this in East Tennessee. […]

Starr Hill Brewery | Welcome back to Knoxville

4 February 2015 by , 1 Comment

Starr Hill Brewery is coming back to Knoxville! Welcome back! Always good to have another regional brewery in the area. Kick off events beginning next week in the press release below. Cheers! ——-Press Release——- Starr Hill Brewery is expanding its distribution into Knoxville, TN in early February 2015. “Based on Starr Hill’s success in Central […]

Tennessee Winter Beer Festival | February 21st, 2015

28 January 2015 by , 1 Comment

It’s a cold miserable Tennessee winter and you are tired of being cooped up in your basement with your craft beer stash running low.  What to do? What to do?  Well we here at the KnoxBeerSnobs have the perfect solution to ease your woes.  Grab your piggy bank, smash it with that empty bottle of […]

Chattanooga Brewing Company

22 January 2015 by , No Comments
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There are many reasons to visit Chattanooga, but if you can’t think of any, I’ll give you one of the best – Chattanooga Brewing Company. Originally located on Frazier Avenue, CBC has expanded and moved right across the street from Finley Stadium on Chestnut Street. If you’ve tried their beer before, you won’t be surprised […]

Blackberry Farm Brewery | A Shiny New Brewery!

18 January 2015 by , 1 Comment

It was late one evening as a few of us gathered in the back of The Market in Maryville. The store was closed, but we had been invited to a private tasting. Scattered about the tables of the Beer Den were several bottles, some with polished labels and some marked by hand with markers; test batches […]

Finch’s Beer Company | Nuclear Winter

30 December 2014 by , 1 Comment

It was a non-descript building, gray with a red door, stickers on the glass. We had passed it before we knew it and the GPS barked. Parking was better on the other side anyway. We sat, we were early for our scheduled tour. “Is this it?” My buddy Andy and I were checking out the Chicago […]

Crafty Bastard Brewery | Coming Soon

7 December 2014 by , 1 Comment

We heard a female voice call out,”are you the people we’re looking for?” as we stepped through the door of the 4th & Gill apartment building. “We sure hope so!” was our reply. It was a warmer than usual November Monday afternoon here in fantabulous Knoxville, Tennessee and we were getting to meet the people […]

An afternoon with Knox Brew Tours

25 November 2014 by , No Comments

I met Zack about a month or so ago through a mutual friend. We sat down and discussed what he was planning to do; a beer tour, in Knoxville. For those of you who regularly follow this blog or any locally driven beer information source you know that we basically have four operating breweries/brew pubs […]

Last Days of Autumn Brewing | Coming soon…

23 November 2014 by , 1 Comment

Beer aside, the best thing about this blog is the people we get to meet. When we get to meet cool people AND share a few pints, it doesn’t get much better. Seems beer, craft beer, is one of those things that can pull people together from all walks and backgrounds of life – we […]

Great news from Founders – Reintroducing Black Rye

25 October 2014 by , 1 Comment

Know what’s great?  That we’re actually getting Founders in East Tennessee. Not only that, but we’re getting their seasonals – Breakfast Stout anyone? Never thought I’d see the day. Check out this press release below on Black Rye and keep an eye out early 2016. Cheers! FOUNDERS BREWING CO. TO REINTRODUCE BEER FROM 2006 Black […]