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If there are caps in the title then you know this must be serious. I think everyone is aware that beer is defined in the great state of Tennessee as 6.25% ABV. While this may have been dandy decades ago when the law was set, merely looking to our neighboring states we can see that […]

Chris Bible; Husband, Father, Professor, Engineer, Homebrewer (maybe not in that order)

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Howdy snobs! Probably one of the best parts of having KnoxBeerSnobs is the people we get to meet. Around this time of year it’s especially awesome as people come through town visiting family and many of us gather to raise a pint…or many. Regardless, while craft beer may be our focus, it’s the people that […]

Terrapin White Chocolate Moo-Hoo

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I’ve said this more times than I can count; I love winter seasonal beers! I was also thrilled a little over a year ago when Terrapin was able to re-enter the Tennessee market after the completion of a brewery expansion. At about this time last year I realized that craft beer in our fair town […]

Craft Beer Info-graphic from Kendall College

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We’re big fans of pictures here at KnoxBeerSnobs – they are pretty and easy on the old noggin. This infographic from Kendall College shares some pretty interesting information regarding the craft beer industry. Also check out some of the stats in the write up from Kendall below. Cheers! The craft beer industry is growing and […]

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. | A book about beer, with pictures!

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According to The Brewers Association as of June 2013 we stood at 2,538 breweries in this fine nation. At the previous peak in 1887 that number stood at 2,011. One of the few breweries that existed in 1887 that’s still around today is Yuengling. It’s not very often that I read books about beer. Most […]


Big Eddy Über-Oktoberfest

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Howdy beer fans, Thought I’d screech in at the almost last minute with a post on an Oktoberfest beer that I’ve been meaning to write about for oh, say a month. Yeah, that’s right, I forgot about this one. Perhaps it was because it was buried behind other equally tasty brews or I was distracted […]

A visit with the guys at Tennessee Brew Works

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“Is this the place?” I asked my wife as we pulled up to the unassuming white building on Ewing Avenue not but a few blocks from the new Nashville Convention Center. The numbers ’809′ have been spray painted on the front of the building in a few places and the tell tale signs of new […]

Kingsport Oktoberfest | September 28th, 2013

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Holy cow!! Is summer really on it’s way out?  Man this year is just flying by but don’t dismay brew lovers because when fall arrives so do the beer festivals.  There are so many to choose from within 2 hours of Knoxville but one in particular I look forward to since inception in 2011 and […]